WARNING: This will change the way you go about getting your next job (and every other job after that)!
Can you answer YES to any of the questions below?
  • ​Are you struggling to find work at the moment?
  • ​Are you applying for jobs online and not getting any responses? 
  • ​Are you trying to get work in a new industry?
  • Do you need to update your resume, but are not sure where to start?
  • ​Are you finding the current job market too competitive to get the position you really want?
  • ​Have you had multiple interviews with Recruitment Agencies, but haven't heard anything back? 
Then this is what you need to know
I'm going to show you how you can get hired in any market, and without using a Recruiter! 
In a Nutshell ...
You are going to discover over a decade of Recruitment industry knowledge and tips, specifically tailored for Job Seekers. This comes delivered to you as online training that you can access anytime.
Let’s break it down.
Here's what you're Going to learn...
  • ​The correct Resume format to use (for recruitment technology and according to industry psychologists)! 
  • ​The answers to why you aren't hearing back about jobs (it's not your fault!)
  • ​How to build a (free) online profile using LinkedIn and use it to make Recruiters and Companies come to you!
  • ​How to apply for jobs online so that you make it to the shortlist and interview stage!
  • ​How to contact the Decision Makers at your ideal companies! 
  • ​Why the future of recruitment is changing and what you can do to stay ahead of the game!
  • ​How to get in front of a company before they have placed the job ad up! 
  • ​The basics of what Recruiters do to get jobs in and how you can use the same method to get the position you want at the company you want!
  • ​Plus my proven templates, worksheets, printable instructions and scripts ....
Valued at $997 ... for $47!
What if I'm not great on a computer?
That's fine. I have designed this training to be easy
to follow with downloadable templates (Word documents and PDFs) that you can use
straight away. You just need an email address where we can send you the link to the login page.

Who is this course suited to?
Whether you are unskilled, transitioning into a new industry or a senior professional, this training will provide you with proven techniques to get into your next role. 

Could I use this to completely change careers?
Yes! This is a great way to go about sourcing a new career path because who can sell you better than yourself!

What support do you offer?
We have a secret Facebook Group which you can join (optional) and connect with others doing the same training. I will be available so you can ask me any questions you have. 

Can I still use a Recruiter?
Of course you can! Recruiters still represent some of the companies out there and you will need to work with them to secure certain positions. This will help you better understand and manage the complete recruitment process. 

What if I have more questions?
Please email support@spikeindustries.com.au and allow 48 hours for a response. 
Stacey's Story
Stacey's Story
"I’ve been working as a Recruiter for over a decade now and in 2018 I went out on my own to launch my business, Spike Industries. Just what the world needs ... another Recruitment Agency, right?

 I did my thing ... but there was one problem that kept popping up, and more so than ever before. More and more Job Seekers were coming to me for help, they were feeling frustrated and at a loss over the lack of success they were having when sourcing work. To my surprise when I had asked them what they had done to get themselves into a new job, the same old answer kept coming up “applying for jobs online” .... and that was pretty much it.

What I had come to realise, is that Job Seekers had not adjusted their methods for finding work, to fit in with modern recruitment technologies. Job Seekers didn’t seem to know what else to do to improve their chances of getting to the interview stage. I knew I had the knowledge and advice to help people, the question was how to help more than the small handful I could speak to over the phone every day?

I’m here to educate and empower Job Seekers so they can get the jobs they want ... without using a Recruitment Agency. 
I’m here to change the way people go about sourcing their next career move.
“The Get Hired Guide” is the first online training launched by Spike Industries, which explains everything Job Seekers need to know about getting work. "
Is there a guarantee?
If you apply all the steps that I have shown you in The Get Hired Guide and can prove you have not had any value, I will provide you with a free one on one consult to assist you in finding work (but for the record, I'm yet to see someone not getting positive results from this!)
What’s next?
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